Redesigning my portfolio

Aavee homepage redesign

Every month I like to challenge myself with a creative assignment to up my game. This month I took on the task of redesigning my website.

Hard to imagine, but I’ve had the same layout on my website since I launched it back in 2018. So definitely time for a change! In the past my website focused on all the projects I worked on throughout the years, but for this redesign I wanted to emphasize my own personality, as that’s what really makes me stand out from the crowd.

I did this by adding multiple elements on my homepage. First of, I implemented an ‘about me’-section at the top of the page. Secondly, I added a block with fun facts about me. I also wanted to focus a bit more on my photography, hence why I added a gallery with some of my best work.

Not that the job is done by any means, as I still want to update the post and page templates. So definitely check this article again to discover the new updates I did to the website.

Before After Aavee beforeAavee after

Other interesting projects

Speaking Gardens

Speaking Gardens is a prototype that aims to increase the social cohesion between inhabitants of the garden city in Winterslag, Genk.

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Hert Infarct logo

Hert Infarct

Hert Infarct is an indoor festival in Turnhout organised by the youth club De Wollewei. It’s a three-day festival: day 1 is all about stand-up comedy, while day 2 focuses on showcases in local pubs and day 3 is a combination of workshops and concerts.

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App Z33

App Z33

In 2013 I developed a mobile app for Z33, the house for contemporary art in Hasselt. It’s a digital tour of the museum with info on exhibitions, artists and the calender.

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