My first website

First website - home

Throwback to 2010, when I was getting my master’s in audiovisual arts. Back then, I was tasked with coding & designing my first website. Let’s just say I’ve grown a lot since then…

While I had dabbled in web design and development when I was still majoring in marketing, this assignment was on a whole other level. From coming up with a concept that highlights my personality and designing something around that to writing copy and finally coding the website. Seems pretty basic right now, but these were truely the first steps I took into concepting, design, coding and copywriting.

While I do find it quite cringeworthy (Those pics! That copy! That design!), there are a few similarities with my current style. My love of dark colors and the grunge style and my wit in writing to name a few. Anyways, I do feel like I’ve come a long way since then.

Other interesting projects

Viessmann logo


Climate change forms a big challenge, especially when it comes to heating solutions. Viessmann took on that challenge by creating Vitovalor, a range of fuel cell units that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and heat.

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More than 50 years experience, active in over 80 countries, a daily reach of over 410 million people… With these impressive numbers JCDecaux can call itself the #1 worldwide in outdoor advertising.

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