My first website

First website - home

Throwback to 2010, when I was getting my master’s in audiovisual arts. Back then, I was tasked with coding & designing my first website. Let’s just say I’ve grown a lot since then…

While I had dabbled in web design and development when I was still majoring in marketing, this assignment was on a whole other level. From coming up with a concept that highlights my personality and designing something around that to writing copy and finally coding the website. Seems pretty basic right now, but these were truely the first steps I took into concepting, design, coding and copywriting.

While I do find it quite cringeworthy (Those pics! That copy! That design!), there are a few similarities with my current style. My love of dark colors and the grunge style and my wit in writing to name a few. Anyways, I do feel like I’ve come a long way since then.

Other interesting projects

Pearle logo


Let’s face it, not seeing well is no fun at all. But Pearle somehow makes it fun! The chain of eye care stores is not only market leader in Belgium, they also have been rewarded with multiple awards for their ingenius #ThatMomentWhen campaigns.

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The ARtist

The ARtist is a project that aims to change the perspective of the viewer by including him into the action with AR, in this case a concert of his favorite band.

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Pepijn het nachtkonijn

Pepijn het nachtkonijn

For my thesis I developed a prototype that helps children through their fear of the dark. The prototype, Pepijn Het Nachtkonijn, targets older children with fear of the dark and also their parents.

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