Shooting my own headshots

Headshot challenge

As my profile pic on LinkedIn is a selfie from back in 2013, I decided it was time for new headshots and I challenged myself to make them on my own.

In my photography course we learned how to take pictures of yourself on your own. It’s actually quite easy. First, put your camera on a tripod. Set it to AV mode and make sure the self timer is on continuous mode. Next, use a stand-in object (in my case, a mannequin) for yourself to focus on. Press the shutter button halfway to focus. Now switch over to the manual focus on your lens. Lastly, press down the shutter button and pose.

Curious about my previous challenge of the month? In November I took on the task of redesigning my portfolio.

Other interesting projects

Out of Space

Unidentified Space

Unidentified Space aims to turn a public space, in this case a parking garage, into a public place through an uncanny experience.

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Glasses may be a practical object, but for optical retailer GrandOptical it’s so much more. They see glasses as a stylish accessory that’s an extension of your personality. So they made it their mission to find you a pair of glasses that really fits your character.

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Start Life by Ethias

Start Life

How do you get millennials interested in a boring subject like insurance? By speaking their language on their prefered platforms of course!

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