Designing my first ever poster

Poster KSJ

Back in 2007, I designed my first ever poster as an assignment for a course in communication. It wasn’t pretty, but it was how I got my start in design.

Our assignment was to create a design for an event, with all the practical information included. My topic of choice for the event was the youth movement I was part of. And although the colours are right on point for the youth movement, that’s one of the many things I would do differently now if I were to redesign this poster.

But hey, everyone has to start somewhere and this is where I did.


Want to discover my other firsts? Check out the first website I ever created.


Other interesting projects



Parabox is a project that confronts people with their fear of making choices. It’s sort of a Pandora’s Box which gives you a choice to open it or not, but you actually get rewarded when you open the box.

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Out of Space

Unidentified Space

Unidentified Space aims to turn a public space, in this case a parking garage, into a public place through an uncanny experience.

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Hert Infarct logo

Hert Infarct

Hert Infarct is an indoor festival in Turnhout organised by the youth club De Wollewei. It’s a three-day festival: day 1 is all about stand-up comedy, while day 2 focuses on showcases in local pubs and day 3 is a combination of workshops and concerts.

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