Food photography on TikTok

Move over Instagram, there’s a new kid in town. Or so was my thought process behind my decision to move my food photography journey from Instagram to TikTok. Next to prioritising sound-on video content, the platform welcomes authenticity and creativity. And that was exactly the change I needed on my food photography journey.

From the get-go, I decided on three main themes within my content:

  • Behind-the-scenes: taking my viewers with me on a shoot
  • Education: teaching my viewers about food photography, whether it’s with a roast (me judging my own food pics) or reviews of gear I use.
  • Trends: banking on one of the many viral trends, that fit within my brand and type of content

As you could gather, before TikTok, there was Instagram. Well, I mean, I was doing the food photography thing over on Instagram. Discover more about it here.

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