On March 21 2011 Ingrid, Anja and I started the beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog Mademoiselles De Mode. Initially, Mlls De Mode was a hobby, but it was also an ideal opportunity to practice our webdesign skills.

We started the blog from scratch and did everything ourselves: graphic design, content creation and coding. It’s also very educational in terms of communication and marketing. The correct tone of voice, effective communication, an eye for usability and promotion via social media are obviously important factors.

In 2014 we celebrated the third anniversary of our blog. We’re also very proud to say that we have been featured in a few magazines, like Flair and Steps City Magazine. Furthermore, we have been ambassadors for beauty brand 2B and had the honour to be festival reporters for Belfius in the summer of 2013. We also blogged for Veritas’ Café Créatif and were chosen as blog of the month by StyleUnited in January 2014. In conclusion, we never expected that MllsDeMode would be so successful as it is at the moment.

Below some of my favorite articles I wrote and photographed:

In July 2018 we wrote our last article for MllsDeMode. This gave me the time to focus on my love for food photography & content creation with my Instagram Anneleen FotografEET.

Other interesting projects

Logo Graspop Metal Meeting

Graspop Metal Meeting

As one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe Graspop Metal Meeting has been the homebase for metalheads since 1996. And the prove is in the pudding, because the event lures in over 135,000 fans annually.

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Logo Hyboma


“Happy home, happy life”, that’s Hyboma’s philosophy. The general contractor and real estate agency sets out to help people find their dream house.

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Logo Leef Lekker

Leef Lekker

The immense rise of foodies & foodporn prove that people are on the hunt for some meal inspiration. So inspiring people with tasty recipes to promote your own products is a smart move.

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