Deep in the Woods

Deep in the Woods logo

Eclectic, cosy & family friendly: 3 words that perfectly describe the festival Deep in the Woods. And that name says it all: the festival literally takes place in the middle of a forest.

In 2017 I designed and developed the mail template for that year’s edition of the festival. This was challenging, because first of, the template needed to work in Mailchimp’s visual editor. And secondly, they didn’t have seperate databases per language, so the template needed to work for both French and Dutch. That’s why I worked with a two column design. I also gave them some pointers on e-mail marketing.

Deep in the Woods isn’t the only festival I did emailmarketing for: I also helped Graspop Metal Meeting out with their mailing template.

Other interesting projects



PProadie is a fictional game for Pukkelpop. By completing a few assignments festival-goers prove they are worthy to be a roadie at the festival. Ultimately, this raises brand awareness and creates buzz.

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AB Concerts

AB Concerts

The Ancienne Belgique is probably the most popular concert hall for contemporary pop and rock music in Belgium, and is definitely one of the leading concert venues in Belgium.

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The ARtist

The ARtist is a project that aims to change the perspective of the viewer by including him into the action with AR, in this case a concert of his favorite band.

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