Experience Lab


Experience Lab is a webplatform developed for the scientific center BioSCENTer (Louvain). The goal of the platform is to make science interesting for young people between 16 to 18 years.

To achieve this we built a virtual lab with cool scientific experiments. Experience is the focal point, online as well as offline. The channels used are brochures, posters, events like SID-in’s, videoclips, a Facebook page and obviously the webplatform itself.

I don’t know about you, but to me science and the environment are inextricably linked. If you agree, have a look at the E-zone project I worked on for Stad Hasselt.

Other interesting projects

Frozen Solid Fest

Frozen Solid Fest

Millennails are often described as one of the hardest groups to communicate with, so I challenged myself to come up with an event and a communication campaign targeted at young adults.

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Logo Graspop Metal Meeting

Graspop Metal Meeting

As one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe Graspop Metal Meeting has been the homebase for metalheads since 1996. And the prove is in the pudding, because the event lures in over 135,000 fans annually.

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Deep in the Woods logo

Deep in the Woods

Eclectic, cosy & family friendly: 3 words that perfectly describe the festival Deep in the Woods. And that name isn’t stolen either: the festival literally takes place in the middle of a forest.

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