Making mobility accessible to a wide public for a democratic price, that’s what car brand Fiat is all about. With iconic models like the 500 and the Panda in their range, they certaintly have succeeded in just that.

Social media is obviously a key factor in this modern age to keep that up. That’s where my work as a content manager comes in. Since Publicis took over the digital activities of FCA, the multinational Fiat is a part of, in April 2021, l’ve been responsible for Fiat’s social media. From copywriting and creating concepts for posts to community management and lead form creation.

You can find some of my work for the brand below:


More into tuned cars? Definitely take a look at my social media work for Abarth.


Other interesting projects



More than 50 years experience, active in over 80 countries, a daily reach of over 410 million people… With these impressive numbers JCDecaux can call itself the #1 worldwide in outdoor advertising.

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Logo Leef Lekker

Leef Lekker

The immense rise of foodies & foodporn prove that people are on the hunt for some meal inspiration. So inspiring people with tasty recipes to promote your own products is a smart move.

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Experience Lab

Experience Lab is a webplatform developed for the scientific center BioSCENTer. The goal of the platform is to make science interesting for young people between 16 to 18 years.

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