Frozen Solid Fest

Frozen Solid Fest

Millennails are often described as one of the hardest groups to communicate with, so I challenged myself to come up with an event and a campaign targeted at those young adults.

First of, I came up with Beats & Riffs, an event agency that organizes music events for millennials who love both elektro and rock music. That contrast is highlighted in the corporate identity of the company, throughout the typography (clean vs grunge), the baseline (because opposites attract) and the icons (a music note, headphones and a guitar neck). Furthermore, the colors refer to youth (green), celebration (orange) and rebellion (black).

One of the biggest events Beats & Riffs organizes is Frozen Solid Fest. It’s an indoor festival aimed at hipsters with rock & electro acts that takes place during the winter in Antwerp’s Waagnatie. Since this is quite unique for a music festival, I decided to embrace the winter as a theme for the festival.

Want to know more about Beats & Riffs and Frozen Solid Fest? Read my paper below.

While Frozen Solid Fest was a fictional event, I did work for a very real indoor festival, namely Hert Infarct.

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PProadie is a fictional game for Pukkelpop. By completing a few assignments festival-goers prove they are worthy to be a roadie at the festival. Ultimately, this raises brand awareness and creates buzz.

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