Anneleen Vaes photography

Every picture tells a story. And telling stories happens to be a passion of mine. So it was only a matter of time before I picked up a camera myself.

I’ve been into photography since the launch of my blog MllsDeMode, back in 2011. But in 2015 I really stepped up my photography game when I bought my first DSLR. A year later I got the chance to photograph for my work at BBDO, specifically for P&G. And another 3 years later I decided to make things official by following a course in Allround Digital Photography.

My main focus is food photography. I just love to get people to gush over a recipe I slayed hours over in my kitchen by capturing it in the right manner. But I also enjoy product, nature & portrait photography. Below you can find some of my favorite pics:

My passion for photography got so big, I decided to start my own Instagram, Anneleen FotografEET.

Other interesting projects

Start Life by Ethias

Start Life

How do you get millennials interested in a boring subject like insurance? By speaking their language on their prefered platforms of course!

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The ARtist

The ARtist is a project that aims to change the perspective of the viewer by including him into the action with AR, in this case a concert of his favorite band.

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Pepijn het nachtkonijn

Pepijn het nachtkonijn

For my thesis I developed a prototype that helps children through their fear of the dark. The prototype, Pepijn Het Nachtkonijn, targets older children with fear of the dark and also their parents.

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