More than 50 years experience, active in over 80 countries, a daily reach of over 410 million people… With these impressive numbers JCDecaux can call itself the #1 worldwide in outdoor advertising.

But every brand, no matter how successful, needs a makeover now and then. So in 2016 BBDO & JCDecaux partnered up to implement a new corporate identity. Their newsletter also got a makeover and I coded these new templates.

Furthermore I also trained the marketing team at JCDecaux so they could send out these newsletters themselves. This was a new and cool experience for me, as I never officially gave training before this.

Simultaneously with this project, I also developed a mail template for sports retailer Decathlon.

Other interesting projects

Anneleen Vaes photography


Every picture tells a story. And telling stories happens to be a passion of mine. So it was only a matter of time before I picked up a camera myself.

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The ARtist

The ARtist is a project that aims to change the perspective of the viewer by including him into the action with AR, in this case a concert of his favorite band.

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Experience Lab

Experience Lab is a webplatform developed for the scientific center BioSCENTer. The goal of the platform is to make science interesting for young people between 16 to 18 years.

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