More than 50 years experience, active in over 80 countries, a daily reach of over 410 million people… With these impressive numbers JCDecaux can call itself the #1 worldwide in outdoor advertising.

But every brand, no matter how successful, needs a makeover now and then. So in 2016 BBDO & JCDecaux partnered up to implement a new corporate identity. Their newsletter also got a makeover and I coded these new templates.

Furthermore I also trained the marketing team at JCDecaux so they could send out these newsletters themselves. This was a new and cool experience for me, as I never officially gave training before this.

Simultaneously with this project, I also developed a mail template for sports retailer Decathlon.

Other interesting projects


Food for thought

I wanted to tackle the general preconceptions about mental illnesses. So I visualised these disorders to give some food for thought.

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Dad Vibes

Case: Dad Vibes campaign for Limp Bizkit

This summer felt like an extreme throwback to the 90s when Limp Bizkit made waves during their performance at Lollapalooza and on social media with their dad vibes. But the big question is how the band can keep riding those waves.

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