#AdultingIsHard | So how do you get millennials interested in a boring subject like insurance? By speaking their language on their prefered platforms!

Millennials are always on the lookout for advice on how to do adult things. Their main source of info? Social media & Google of course. So Ethias and BBDO launched Start Life: an immersive inbound platform with playful & useful content. By pushing this content through social media millennials touch base with serious topics like car & rent insurance. The more content they consume, the more serious the content gets.

I was one of the content creators for Start Life: from writing articles & link ads to designing infographics & uploading the content to the website.

Our hard work was even rewarded with an Effie nomination.

Below you can find some of my favorite work for Start Life:

P&G is another client I did a lot of content creation for: from copywriting to graphic design and photography.

Other interesting projects

Biebob Concerts

Biebob Concerts

Biebob Concerts may be a small music venue in de Stille Kempen, it’s a big name in the metal scene. For 25 years now it is the place to be for raw guitar sounds and infernal singing.

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Dad Vibes

Case: Dad Vibes campaign for Limp Bizkit

This summer felt like an extreme throwback to the 90s when Limp Bizkit made waves during their performance at Lollapalooza and on social media with their dad vibes. But the big question is how the band can keep riding those waves.

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