Speaking Gardens

Speaking Gardens is a prototype that aims to increase the social cohesion between inhabitants of the garden city in Winterslag, Genk. Specifically Speaking Gardens is a tube with speakers and a dictaphone inside that’s placed in a resident’s front yard.

The resident can record a personal and friendly message with the device intended for their neighbors. Therefore, Speaking Gardens is actually a conversation starter for neighbors.

Genk obviously has a rich mining history, but did you know the city is also a legendary musical hub? Follow the beat in Genk’s rich music scene with my project “Muzikant Rijk Genk”.

Other interesting projects

Viessmann logo


Climate change forms a big challenge, especially when it comes to heating solutions. Viessmann took on that challenge by creating Vitovalor, a range of fuel cell units that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and heat.

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Anneleen FotografEET

Anneleen fotografEET

After getting my degree in Allround Digital Photography, I felt an itch to keep challenging myself in photography. Anneleen fotografEET is the product of that itch.

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Did you know that arrhythmia is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases? Obviously this is quite dangerous, so regular checkups are important. Enter FibriCheck: a medical smartphone app that detects rhythm disorders.

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