Muzikant Rijk Genk

Muzikant Rijk Genk

People always associate the city Genk with the mines, but did you know that Genk has a rich music history as well? Bands like Iron Maiden, Dire Straits & Motörhead frequently performed in Genk. The city is also home to a lot of known artists, Rocco Granata & Danny Mommens (Vive La Fête) being just a few.

It seems logical that all this information is stored somewhere, not only to never be forgotten, but also to recollect those nostalgic moments. That’s exactely what the Spotify app Muzikant Rijk Genk does. It’s a storage for all those fragments of Genk’s rich music history, but it’s also a platform to listen to those tunes and to discuss them. Furthermore it can even be used as a promotional tool for young bands from Genk.

Did you know that this Spotify app is actually how I got my start at Graspop Metal Meeting?

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