Making electrification accessible and exciting for everyone, that’s what Nissan set out to do with their Ambition 2030-plan.

As you can imagine, social media plays an important part in creating that excitement and that’s where I came into play. As a content creator, I come up with the post concepts, set up the content calendar, write the post copy and guide the production process.

You can find some of my favorite posts here:

Accessible cars are my jam apparently: check out my work for Italian automotive brand Fiat here.

Other interesting projects

Dad Vibes

Case: Dad Vibes campaign for Limp Bizkit

This summer felt like an extreme throwback to the 90s when Limp Bizkit made waves during their performance at Lollapalooza and on social media with their dad vibes. But the big question is how the band can keep riding those waves.

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PProadie is a fictional game for Pukkelpop. By completing a few assignments festival-goers prove they are worthy to be a roadie at the festival. Ultimately, this raises brand awareness and creates buzz.

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A car that seamlessly combines tradition with passion. That fuels the adrenaline of every ride. That’s simply fun to drive and has a deep connection to tuning. That’s Abarth.

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