Unidentified Space

Out of Space

Unidentified Space aims to turn a public space, in this case a parking garage, into a public place through an uncanny experience.

Diffuse light and a white backdrop make shadows and depth perception disappear. Furthermore, the space is deprived of its functions by putting up glass walls at the entrances of the parking garage, hence the name Unidentified Space. And to make people even more aware of this mannequins are placed beneath the glass strips in the floor. The result is a hyperrealistic experience and a distorted sense of time.

Parabox is another uncanny experience I worked on is . Want to know what happens when you open the box? Find out for yourself.

Other interesting projects

Logo Hyboma


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Muzikant Rijk Genk

Muzikant Rijk Genk

Genk actually has a rich music history with bands like Iron Maiden once performing here and artists like Rocco Granata hailed from here. This rich history is captured in the Spotify app Muzikant Rijk Genk.

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Dad Vibes

Case: Dad Vibes campaign for Limp Bizkit

This summer felt like an extreme throwback to the 90s when Limp Bizkit made waves during their performance at Lollapalooza and on social media with their dad vibes. But the big question is how the band can keep riding those waves.

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