Climate change forms a big challenge, especially when it comes to heating solutions. Viessmann took on that challenge by creating Vitovalor, a range of fuel cell units that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and heat.

In promotion of the range, Viessmann & BBDO set up an inbound project that consists out of a website, emails and ads on Facebook. For this project I took on a variety of jobs: from webmastering and copywriting to email development & social concepting.

Below you can find some of my work for Viessmann:

From heating solutions to real estate: it’s a small step to take. For real estate agency Hyboma I did also took on a variety of jobs: content management, copywriting & social.

Other interesting projects



A car that seamlessly combines tradition with passion. That fuels the adrenaline of every ride. That’s simply fun to drive and has a deep connection to tuning. That’s Abarth.

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Out of Space

Unidentified Space

Unidentified Space aims to turn a public space, in this case a parking garage, into a public place through an uncanny experience.

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Pearle logo


Let’s face it, not seeing well is no fun at all. But Pearle somehow makes it fun! The chain of eye care stores is not only market leader in Belgium, they also have been rewarded with multiple awards for their ingenius #ThatMomentWhen campaigns.

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