Climate change forms a big challenge, especially when it comes to heating solutions. Viessmann took on that challenge by creating Vitovalor, a range of fuel cell units that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and heat.

In promotion of the range, Viessmann & BBDO set up an inbound project that consists out of a website, emails and ads on Facebook. For this project I took on a variety of jobs: from webmastering and copywriting to email development & social concepting.

Below you can find some of my work for Viessmann:

From heating solutions to real estate: it’s a small step to take. For real estate agency Hyboma I did also took on a variety of jobs: content management, copywriting & social.

Other interesting projects



To finalize my bachelor in Marketing – Corporate Communication I did a 3-month internship at Echo Floor Solutions. During that time I immersed myself in their newest floor solution, DomoDeck.

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Logo Zin In Meer


Does a brand like P&G even need an introduction? With sales in over 180 countries it’s the global leader in fast-moving consumer goods. The multinational has a broad brand portfolio with sounding names like Always, Oral-B and Gillette.

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Glasses may be a practical object, but for optical retailer GrandOptical it’s so much more. They see glasses as a stylish accessory that’s an extension of your personality. So they made it their mission to find you a pair of glasses that really fits your character.

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