In 2013 I developed a mobile app for Z33, the house for contemporary art in Hasselt. It’s a digital tour of the museum. You can consult information about the Space Odyssey 2.0 and Pit exhibition as well as the artists, the calendar and general information about Z33.

The app was developed in Phonegap for Android (later also for iOS) and was used primarily during the Space Odyssey 2.0 exhibition on tablets.

This was actually the second time I collabed with Z33, as Parabox was also a project created for Z33.

Other interesting projects


Experience Lab

Experience Lab is a webplatform developed for the scientific center BioSCENTer. The goal of the platform is to make science interesting for young people between 16 to 18 years.

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Glasses may be a practical object, but for optical retailer GrandOptical it’s so much more. They see glasses as a stylish accessory that’s an extension of your personality. So they made it their mission to find you a pair of glasses that really fits your character.

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Deep in the Woods logo

Deep in the Woods

Eclectic, cosy & family friendly: 3 words that perfectly describe the festival Deep in the Woods. And that name isn’t stolen either: the festival literally takes place in the middle of a forest.

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