In 2013 I developed a mobile app for Z33, the house for contemporary art in Hasselt. It’s a digital tour of the museum. You can consult information about the Space Odyssey 2.0 and Pit exhibition as well as the artists, the calendar and general information about Z33.

The app was developed in Phonegap for Android (later also for iOS) and was used primarily during the Space Odyssey 2.0 exhibition on tablets.

This was actually the second time I collabed with Z33, as Parabox was also a project created for Z33.

Other interesting projects

Ecologisch Oostende logo

Ecologisch Oostende

Ecologisch Oostende is a fictional staff event for the city of Ostend. The aim of the event was to amuse & reward the staff, but also to convey a few values.

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Logo Decathlon


Making sports accessible for everyone: that’s Decathlon’s mission statement. And the company is obviously succeeding, as it’s the world’s biggest sports retailer.

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Logo Hyboma


“Happy home, happy life”, that’s Hyboma’s philosophy. The general contractor and real estate agency sets out to help people find their dream house.

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