How do you turn a home appliance brand into a love brand on social media? You start with the base: a good content strategy. When I started on Beko, there was no real content strategy set in place and that was the first thing I lobbied for.

In collaboration with the content strategist and the creative lead, we came up with the umbrella “Common sense”, as Beko offers consumers qualitative products at a good price point, all the while being sustainable and making your life a little easier.

Each month I created content based on that umbrella, within a certain theme. Here are a few of my favourite content pieces for the brand:

If you think about it, you could call Beko a sponsor of the everyday life with their home appliances. And another sponsor of the everyday life I worked for is P&G, check out my work for them here.

Other interesting projects

Anneleen Vaes photography


Every picture tells a story. And telling stories happens to be a passion of mine. So it was only a matter of time before I picked up a camera myself.

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AC/DC rock or bust

AC/DC Dessel

A few years ago AC/DC announced their highly anticipated Rock or Bust tour. Luckily, the band added a Belgian date to their tour and that brought the band to Dessel.

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Logo Leef Lekker

Leef Lekker

The immense rise of foodies & foodporn prove that people are on the hunt for some meal inspiration. So inspiring people with tasty recipes to promote your own products is a smart move.

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