Does a brand like P&G even need an introduction? With sales in over 180 countries it’s the global leader in fast-moving consumer goods. The multinational has a broad brand portfolio with sounding names like Always, Oral-B and Gillette.

With their online platforms in Belgium, France and the Netherlands the company wants to inspire young mothers in their daily life. The platforms consist out of recipes, lifestyle articles, coupons and brand reviews.

And those platforms have been an important part of my job at BBDO these past 3 years. First of, I manage the websites in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. I also design mails and create content for the brand, from creating infographics to photographing DIYs. Check out some of my favorite projects I did for the company:

From fast-moving consumer goods brand to heart rhythm app: during my short stint at FibriCheck I also did content management, content creation, mail development and much more.

Other interesting projects

Dad Vibes

Case: Dad Vibes campaign for Limp Bizkit

This summer felt like an extreme throwback to the 90s when Limp Bizkit made waves during their performance at Lollapalooza and on social media with their dad vibes. But the big question is how the band can keep riding those waves.

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

From passion for driving and a rich history in racing to fine design and high performance: enter the world of Italian premium car brand Alfa Romeo.

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Start Life by Ethias

Start Life

How do you get millennials interested in a boring subject like insurance? By speaking their language on their prefered platforms of course!

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