Food for thought


I really wanted to do a project about mental illnesses, because it’s very close to my heart. I myself go through episodes of depression, my brother has bipolar disorder and my grandmother suffered from dementia.

The thing that I find really hard is society’s way of dealing with mental disorders. People think that because mental illnesses mostly don’t manifest physically there can’t be anything wrong with you.

That’s exactly why I wanted to visualise mental illnesses with this project. I took 2 approaches to this project: first of I visualised what the mental disorders entail and secondly I looked at the words literally. I hope this gives you some food for thought.

Want to see more of my design work? Definitely check out the designs I did for P&G

Other interesting projects



E-zone is a fictional ecodesign project for the city Hasselt in light of the European 20/20/20-goals. It’s a mobile charging station for scooters and bikes which will be used during events.

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Deep in the Woods logo

Deep in the Woods

Eclectic, cosy & family friendly: 3 words that perfectly describe the festival Deep in the Woods. And that name isn’t stolen either: the festival literally takes place in the middle of a forest.

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Logo Decathlon


Making sports accessible for everyone: that’s Decathlon’s mission statement. And the company is obviously succeeding, as it’s the world’s biggest sports retailer.

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