Food photography on TikTok

Move over Instagram, there’s a new kid in town. That made me move my food photography journey from Instagram to TikTok.

Webinars I joined in February

February may be the shortest month of the year, it was also the busiest month for me in terms of webinars. Here’s an overview of the webinars I joined last month and my thoughts on them: Structuurjunkie thuiswerken webinarWith Structuurjunkie Cynthia Schultz aims to help people find structure in their lives, through planners, trainings &… Continue reading Webinars I joined in February

My first website

Throwback to 2010, when I was getting my master’s in audiovisual arts. Back then, I was tasked with coding & designing my first website. Let’s just say I’ve grown a lot since then… While I had dabbled in web design and development when I was still majoring in marketing, this assignment was on a whole… Continue reading My first website

Currently reading

As a kid I was an avid reader. Then came the teenage years and I forgot about my bookworm tendencies. But in 2020 I rediscovered my love for reading. I started with marketing related topics, but at the moment I’m all for photography and personal development books. I’m currently reading these books: How to Photograph… Continue reading Currently reading

Shooting my own headshots

As my profile pic on LinkedIn is a selfie from back in 2013, I decided it was time for new headshots and I challenged myself to make them on my own. In my photography course we learned how to take pictures of yourself on your own. It’s actually quite easy. First, put your camera on… Continue reading Shooting my own headshots

Anneleen fotografEET

After getting my degree in Allround Digital Photography, I felt an itch to keep challenging myself in photography. Anneleen fotografEET is the product of that itch.